Effective Supplements for Recuperation - Improve Recovery Dramatically

Recuperation Supplements

Supplements have many benefits in helping you reach your goals


Glutamine is the bodybuilding supplement fitFLEX most highly recommends, primarily for its recuperative effects. Glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in the body and, as such, is recruited for a wide array of physiological functions. When the body needs glutamine, it removes it from storage in muscle tissue or takes it from free-floating glutamine in your body. Supplementing with it helps keep your muscles intact by giving your body a readily available source.

Glutamine not only aids directly in recovery from training, but also enhances immune function and digestion. The impact the last two factors have on recovery can be tremendous and improving their function enhances bodybuilding gains.


Most people use creatine because it engorges muscle tissue and may make them feel stronger. It also provides benefits for recovery. After training, creatine flows into the muscle tissue with water and nutrients. Creatine helps keep muscles full and ensures that the nutrients you have put into your body are delivered to your muscles.

For best results, take creatine with a postworkout shake. If it's more convenient, you can take it on an empty stomach before training.

Multivitamin / Multimineral

Vitamins and minerals are essential for physiological functions. A proper bodybuilding diet should provide all the vitamins and minerals a bodybuilder needs, but taking a multi can ensure that you have no deficits.

The antioxidant vitamins C and E help destroy free radicals released during training and help repair oxidative tissue damage caused by exercise. Minerals are essential for many bodily functions, and bodybuilders need higher doses of them because of the demands of training.


ZMA is a trademarked compound containing zinc and magnesium, two minerals that are particularly effective in helping the body recuperate. Taken on an empty stomach before bedtime, ZMA can help promote better sleep in addition to its recuperative powers.

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