Triple-Drop Sets: New & Effective Weight Training Programs

Triple Drop Training

There are many way to stimulate new muscle growth

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The use of the triple-drop system as the best way to put on muscle mass has become widely spread in the weight training and bodybuilding community abroad. Simply put, if you want to maximize muscle mass and strength, all exercises should be performed in strict form, and all reps should be done slowly and precisely. The drop sets start with a weight with which you can do for just 5 reps and not 6. Then some weight is taken off and another 5 reps are performed. Still more weight is taken off and a final 5 reps are done. The last rep in each set should be to failure. You should not be able to do another fifth rep with that weight. Add weight when you can manage a sixth rep on any part of the drop set. In drop sets, you pause only long enough for the weight to be taken off the bar. There shouldn't be too much difference in the time it takes to perform an exercise for 15 reps than it does a drop set.

Personally, I usually stay on a triple-drop routine for six to ten weeks. Once the strength gains become static or I start getting too sore, I usually will go on to an eccentric-type training regimen. I use what I call the eccentric overload training system. In a way it's a break from the heavy drop sets.

In my case, in this triple-drop set training routine I will use much lighter weights at first and then gradually build up over a six or eight-week period. In the first few weeks I only use two-thirds of whatever my top drop set was and do as many reps as I can. Each week I add 5 to 10 pounds depending on the exercise.

In all honesty, I find that this combination of routines prevents most injuries and allows for maximum size - assuming all other factors are in synch.

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