Volume Training Example - Workout Routines for Strength & Mass Program

Volume Training

Expand your Weight Training Programs with new Fresh Ideas for Growth

When it comes to getting big and strong, Volume Training stands apart from most other training methods. Its main purpose is to help lifters gain huge amounts of muscle mass in the off-season. At first glance, Volume Training may seem unorthodox and unlike most bodybuilding training programs you've likely tried before, but it sure does work!

The goal of Volume Training is to complete 8 sets of 8 reps with the same weight for each exercise. Due to the high volume and hardcore intensity involved with this type of training, you need to only perform one exercise per bodypart - that's it! So make sure to select exercises that recruit a lot of muscle fibers, such as bench, squats, and bent-over rows. Stay away from any isolation movement like kickbacks or flys.

Start off using a weight that's about 60 percent of your current one-rep max with a minimum rest of 60 seconds between sets. Once you get to the point where you can complete all 8 sets of 8 with only 60 seconds rest, it's time to increase the weight. The general rule of thumb for increasing weight in this program is to add about 5 percent and repeat the process. For those new to this method of training, we recommend using the following bodypart split:


Back - Bent-over rows

Biceps - Barbell curls

Chest - Barbell bench press

Legs - Squats and hamstring curls

Shoulders - Military press

Triceps - Skull crushers

Why is this program so effective? Well, it targets a large number of muscle fibers with a very high volume of repeated effort. With that said, since this training method is extremely demanding on your recuperative abilities, it's in your best interest to stay away from using forced reps, negatives, or any other high-intensity technique. Try this amazing growth-producing workout for four to six weeks and you'll surely be pleased with the results. Good luck!

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