Training Tips - 6 Basic Ideas to Improve your Weight Training

Weight Training Tips

Understand your Variable before you Weigh your Options

When we take a look at the big picture, we want to ask ourselves, what six basic general training tips are the best? With so many tips out there being so good, the choice just depends on when you need to apply them. It's like building a house. When you 're pounding nails, you need a hammer, but when some two-by-fours need cutting, then a saw is required, and the hammer is of no value to you at that particular time.

There are however, six training factors that one can base quite a bit of their training advice on. They are as follows:

1. Never cheat on an exercise. Always use poundages that you can handle in a strict training fashion. Be more in tune with doing the exercise correctly than with how much weight you can do. You will find that by doing this you will increase your strength more dramatically, and you will have far fewer injuries.

2. Always control your movements. This means you should never do jerking or bouncing movements. Why? Because your chances of muscle injury are increased and your stabilizers and neutralizers (two of the four muscle groups involved in all exercise) will get a very little share of the intensity.

3. The speed with which you do an exercise has nothing to do with the amount of muscle you gain from doing it. The added strength increases your speed and explosiveness, so try to do your exercise movements at a moderate pace.

4. Even with the best nutritional/supplement plan combined with exercise you need about seven full days to completely recover from a maximum overload on a muscle group. With this in mind be sure to design your training program to overload specific muscle groups on particular days, with adequate intervals of rest provided for. If you don't follow this type of training p mind, you will become overtrained, and possibly injure yourself.

5. Rest is of vital importance. Try to get at least eight hours' sleep a night, but never more than nine, as you may become sluggish.

6. Relaxation is as important as sleep. Most of the top amateur and pro bodybuilding champions I talk to agree that three hours of total relaxation is equivalent to a full night s sleep.

These six training factors alone will help you to be successful in your present and future training endeavors.

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