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Welcome to the weekly updated fitFLEX articles! We are proud to provide useful & current articles dealing with all key aspects of health plus fitness. We deal with all the major categories including nutrition, training, sports & drugs, health & mind as well as supplements. Please feel free to browse & educate yourself, we're happy to provide this original resource online library! It is through knowledge and real life experience that you will find your success.

 We strive to provide recent, informative, compelling and educational content each week! Our vast & unique assortment of online articles is composed of originally written content and research-backed studies to provide you a rich, value-added experience! We encourage you to take your time and explore the literature! - fitFLEX Staff

 Proper diet and nutritional knowledge is truly essential to reach your health or fitness goals. Foods you eat on a daily basis are 50% of the puzzle when combined with proper fitness. We take a look at all aspects of nutrition and various diets to help you experience a full understanding of what you can apply to your own lifestyle. Latest research & studies are discussed with insights in to our expanding world.
   The Pork Chop Diet ..
   How about a Date? ..
   Watch the Waistline ..
   Eat it Raw ..
   Eating on the Road ..
   Fact vs. Fiction ..

 There are countless of benefits to daily fitness and exercise for all ages both men and women - that is a proven and well documented fact. There are many different plans for success with the right plan ranging from bodybuilding, general weight training, cardiovascular health, sports based plans, rehabilitation and more. In this category, we cover all the various branches of fitness including the pros and cons.
   Upper Body Workouts ..
   Train Calves Everyday? ..
   Lay Off for Recovery ..
   Types of Muscle Fibers ..
   Triple-Threat Sets ..
   Gain More Energy ..

SPORT & DRUGS Articles
 From the hundreds of sports that exist in our world today each is unique not just in their rules but their specific fitness & nutritional requirements and challenges each contains. Reach your ultimate potential with key & life changing knowledge.
   William Apollo Bankier ..
   Weight Loss & Smoking ..
   Bodybuilder Leo Robert ..
   Strongman Antone Matysek ..
   Size & Symmetry Opinions ..
 Supplements are the essential component of a perfectly balanced daily nutritional plan that will properly satisfy your daily requirements for your specific health & fitness goal - dive into the ocean of information on all types of supplementation.
   Tryptophan - Killer Acid ..
   Postworkout Glutamine ..
   Tanning Pill Dangers ..
   Why you Need Glutamine ..
   Minerals & Bodybuilding ..
 Achieving and maintaining a properly balanced well-being and overall good health is essential in living a long and healthy life. Many factors play a role of the path we take in our lives by the many choices we are faced with every day.
   Over the Edge ..
   Training & Immune System ..
   Rekindling Motivation ..
   The Feedback Factor ..
   Creating Competence ..

Featured Article

When is the Best Time for Aerobic Exercise?

Over the years we've heard conflicting opinions about when to do aerobic training. Some experts say to do aerobics on the same day as weight training, while others say to do them on different days. So ok, what then is the best approach?

Once again the answer is, it depends. If your goal is to do your absolute best in both weight training and aerobic training, then you must set up a schedule in which you have separate training days for weights and aerobics. If strength arid muscle gains are very secondary goals, you can do aerobic training first and then later on the same day do your weights. If, however, strength and muscle gains are your top priorities, do your weight training first followed by the aerobics.

I donít believe that weight training and aerobics are basically incompatible. People run into trouble and undermine strength and muscle gains when they donít allow enough overall recovery time. Thus, one advantage of same-day training for both activities is that the next day is typically a complete rest day. If you simply alternate hard weight-training and aerobic-training days while taking few rest days, youíre bound to become overtrained.

There are, however, sensible limits to what you can productively do. For example, brief, higher-intensity aerobic training can work in combination with strength training if the session is indeed brief and doesnít leave you exhausted. In contrast, doing a very hard one-hour Spinning class or a hard one-hour run, swim or outdoor bike ride following weight training or on your off day is courting disaster. Thereís just so much higher-intensity work that your body can tolerate.

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