Overtraining Shown to Impair Fertility in Men


International Journal Sports Nutrition, 27:680-689, 2006

Don't overtrain if you and your wife are trying to have a baby. Spanish researchers found that overtraining decreases sperm count, which could interfere with the capacity for conception. Sixteen healthy young men rode a stationary bike to exhaustion four times a week for two weeks. They showed a large decrease in sperm count ejaculate volume, number of sperm per ejaculation and decreased sperm quality.

Intense exercise with inadequate rest might interfere with hormone and fertility control in the brain and testes. Overtraining might be risk factor for you. Couples having difficulty conceiving might consider excessive exercise training as a possible culprit.

Intense training with inadequate rest suppresses anabolic hormones such as testosterone, increases catabolic hormones such as cortisol and impairs the immune system.

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