The Laws of Mass - How to Pack on New Muscle Mass in Bodybuilding

Laws of Mass

The Key Is To Maximize Every Minute in the Gym for Results

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Try every type of workout, every rep range, and train every muscle fiber. For each exercise, you should begin with a set of 15-20 reps, drop to a middle range for the second set, and finish with a very heavy set of five or six reps.


Stay anabolic all the time. The best way to maintain anabolism is to eat smaller meals several times a day; this is very important. When you eat a lot in the morning, your body cannot digest so much food in one sitting; when the intervals are too long between meals, you can become catabolic. Make sure your food is of high quality, and balance your protein and carbs.


Make sure you recuperate fully before the next workout. When I was young. I tried training as hard and as often as possible, and nothing happened. When I took more rest days, I made tremendous improvement.


Concentrate on how the movement should feel in the muscle. Most of the time. I don't know how many reps I've done, because I'm thinking only of how the muscle is working, but that's when I get my best results. It's also more fun, because if you're training for feeling, you'll be training without joint pain. Sometimes, I can't wait to finish my set and run to the mirror to see how the muscle looks. Back when I was training for poundage, I couldn't wait for the pain to subside. For me, training is lots of fun when I feel no pain - the muscle instead feels bloated, and you watch it swell before your eyes. People who train only with clumsy, heavy weights don't experience that great sensation. They just feel their bodies aching. You should enjoy your workout.

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