Bodybuilding Bench Press vs Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques

Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding Bench Press

With so many variations of presses.. find out what works for you

The question is often posed in gyms around the country regarding powerlifting and body building methods to the infamous bench press. There are differences when comparing the two techniques. According to David Sandler, three-time US national bench press champion and Ph.D candidate at the University of Miami, the positioning of the body varies significantly. The powerlifter must create a position whereby the bar is moved over the shortest distance possible. That means using a medium to wide grip, and arching the back in order to raise the chest up as high as possible. The only things touching the bench in a powerlifter's bench press are his butt and the top of his shoulder blades. In comparison, a bodybuilder will usually use a medium-width grip with a flat back on the bench. This increases the range of motion, consequently forcing the recruitment of more muscle fibers.

Powerlifters will tend to take longer rest periods of three to five minutes in order to allow their energy stores to recover optimally for every set. Bodybuilders on the other hand generally implement rest periods of between one and three minutes depending on the volume of training they're doing at the time. The combination of these factors will produce different physiological results for different athletes. However, a combination of the two will definitely help build great pecs with bench press poundages you can brag about.

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