Mind-Muscle Connection in Bodybuilding for Shoulders, Chest, Lats & More

Mind-Muscle Connection

Understanding how and why to training certain muscle groups is key

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When it comes to building muscle, the mind-muscle connection might be the most essential growth-producing training factor! For the serious bodybuilder, the ability to fully concentrate on every rep of every set of every single workout is invaluable to any serious development. Although it's a difficult task, mastering the elusive mind-muscle connection and using it to your advantage will soon have you on your way to massive muscle gains! Besides, you can't really consider yourself an advanced bodybuilder until you've mastered this difficult art.

In its most basic form, the mind-muscle connection is the ability to completely concentrate on a target muscle during training. For example, if you're training chest, you should be continuously concentrating, making sure your chest muscles are contracting and stretching fully with every rep. Your focus on the working muscle should be so intense that you wouldn't even notice if the entire female Swedish swimsuit team started practicing stiff-legged deadlifts right in front of you.

For maximal growth, you must feel the majority of the strain in the target muscle and make sure that this is the main driving force behind the movement so that this muscle receives all the muscle building stress. Think of it this way: The key to success in your workouts is to think about the muscle instead of the weight you're lifting. If you shift your focus away from the muscle and concentrate on the weight, then you'll lose the feeling and simply be exerting brute strength and taking advantage of momentum. Once this happens, you'll probably be missing out on some crazy gains.

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